Wavering Glass

This is a building which functions as a pavilion and social facility in Italy.

The intention is to take in the beautiful scenery of  the nature around the site, and create functional and rational spaces which reflects the principal ideas of the company.


Concerning the rationality and functionality, grids of square wood columns and beams are placed.

These uniform grids represent the rationality and order which is the essential part of the history of research and creative mind of the company.

Parts of the grids go through the glasses and extends towards the vegetable garden around it.


The grids unify spaces inside and outside, architecture and the nature, and represent symbiosis of nature and human which is the most important point of the company.

People enjoy learning the history of foods in Italy, join workshops of creating foods from grains while letting go of their mind.

Wavering Spaces Glass Nature Wind Light


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    Office, Museum

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