Wavering Louvers

Located in the central district of the city, this building is designed for the headquarters of an energy company.

Simple and flexible spaces where all workers including scientists and researchers would concentrate with comfort, and high sustainability which stands for the belief of the company is called for.


The practice thinks about the design of new way of sustainability which characterize the building and make it stands out in the city.

Louvers enfold the building to shed light and improve the efficiency of energy and partially sustain the structure. Taking the moves of the sun into consideration, the louvers are twisted to cut light more effectively.


Louvers get more strength when they are twisted, so the more they twisted the less columns are needed.

They enclose the building like a nest and they block sun light while gaining adequate light for working and keeping the view to the city.

This striking silhouette of sustainability with a new concept would represent the mission of the company yet provide a new symbol for the city.

Wavering Louvers Light


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