Wavering Nature

We are thinking about incorporating natural light and wind into architecture.

We would like to make use of the “swaying nature” that changes according to the time of day and the season in my designs.

By making light visible in the space, we scoop out light that is different from the natural light we see in our daily lives.

We would like to feel the beauty of light and change the space with light.


In the housing complex, we designed the “private sky” where you can see the sky from the courtyard and the courtyard as a public space.

Residents will enjoy the space where the outside nature is layered.

Various scenes are woven when two types of light, the light that passes through the glass block and the light that passes through the glass, intersect.

The glass block diffuses and deflects light while letting in a large amount of light.

The space where direct light and the soft light that passes through the glass blocks intersect expresses a multicolored beauty.


We would like to create a space where nature can be included in the space and experience nature inside the building.

Natural light, wind, and rain that can only be felt in the interior space of a building.

You can see a different expression from the expression you feel in everyday life.

We would like to create an architecture that embraces nature.

And we want to skim the light.

The sky you look up from this terrace is “your own sky” and you can feel the sky close to you.

We want to cherish the experience of being close to nature.


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