Wavering Nature

Taking in abundant nature in the site and creating infinite space surrounded by nature is the intention.

The curved glass of three diameters consists all the walls, and trees reflected in the curved glass would create vast illusions of trees making the space totally enfolded by the nature.


To create a clear surfaces of glasses, no columns and thick curved glasses play a role as main structure.

Glasses are stronger than steels when it comes to compression although it is very weak when it comes to tension and easily be broken.

The curved glass strongly sustains the structure and walls inside the three cores would resist earthquakes.


Inside the core boxes, there are bath, toilet, kitchen, closet, and small bedrooms.

When you need privacy, for example, when you go to sleep in your bedroom, you would be able to shut down the wood walls in these cores and you can sleep with ease.

When all the doors of the box are open, the space feels like a prairie there is nothing to obstacle.

Simple curved glasses would create brand new space of a house.

House Simple White Box Light Terrace Void Glass Nature


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    Mexico city

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