Wavering Terraces

A group of houses is planned in beautiful area near mountains.

The intention is to create characteristic houses in a town surrounded by mountains and rivers, and they would inspire communities.

There are terraces of cypress produced in every house. From the terraces that are hangover to the road or next houses, one would feel the atmosphere of the town.


One would do anything he or she likes in these terraces, for example reading, drinking, taking a nap.

Each terrace has its own small rivers which resembles the rivers there, and they are architectural devices that invokes soft communications between people.

By connecting the rivers of each house, residents interact positively and their mind would be connected.

The scenery of these rivers would be a wonderful one and they love their town and houses.

DOMA spaces between the open exterior and the private spaces of the interior would induce the communications outside.


Variation of the directions of the roofs of the same slope reminds us the mountains.

Waters in the river would be natural waterings which cool the air in the summer.

Comfortable terraces and the scenery of these small rivers softly fold the residents.

Wavering Terraces Water Void


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    Group of Houses

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    Gifu, Japan

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