Western Flowing Promenades

The island of Mikonos in Greece has a beautiful landscape where the island and the city are united.

It is a very pleasant city where you can enjoy the Western street space.

A ship entered the bay of the port, and I could see a city that seemed to be one with the sea.

The long history of “the island’s quay and architecture” is very beautiful.


When we think of European cities, the first thing that comes to mind is the square.

In Japan, the precincts of shrines are said to have historically played the role of plazas.

Until modern times, Japan didn’t have many European-style enclosed squares.


The loose stairs close to the ramp are pleasant to walk on.

As your gaze changes as you walk, you will feel uplifted.

At the end of the stairs, there is a winding staircase where you can’t see the end.

It is a stepped alley between houses that stand like tall walls.

There are many alleys in Japan, but the alleys sandwiched between the walls of tall stone buildings have a different atmosphere from Japan.


The low white buildings create a “one coherent landscape” and there is a sense of unity.

You may come across a very narrow stepped alley.

A blue door on a white wall creates a mysterious sense of unity.

You can feel the atmosphere of “It’s a public space for everyone, so you can use it well and have fun.”


After passing through Kunekune Alley, the road became straight.

It may be difficult to walk, but it is more interesting if the road curves a little or changes.

This creates a more enjoyable atmosphere as a street space.


The position not far from the sea is quite high, and the height difference is large compared to the islands of Japan.

Looking from the harbor like this, the building is built on the cliff-like land.

Just a few steps up, the scenery is quite different.

There is a refreshing feeling in the position overlooking the harbor and the sea.

Even in Japan, places like Nagasaki have very steep slopes as you go inland from the sea.

Mikonos Island has a stronger slope than Nagasaki, and it feels like the scenery spreads out.


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