Rising Light

This is an iconic mosque in Dubai, a dynamic and holy space with rising roof and top light towards MECCA.

The form consists of two curved walls which rise to MECCA and to the sky. Responding to the urban axis and the axis to MECCA, the curved walls are placed in line with the axis.

At night, the rising skylight shines itself and provides iconic silhouette and the way to MECCA which would be embraced by people there and become one and only urban scene.

Rising Light Mosque will be totally an unprecedented architecture by its special iconic form, symbolizing the bright future of the culture and people of Dubai, providing tranquil spaces for worshipers, attracting innovative minds from all over the world.





Rising Light Mosqueは、アイコンのような姿を持つ前例のない特別な建築となり、ドバイの人々と文化の輝かしい未来を表象し、信仰者へ静かな祈りの空間を提供し、世界中から革新的な頭脳を引き寄せるでしょう。

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