Cross Wavering Walls

To design a museum besides Mediterranean Sea, the intention is to take in the beautiful scenery of  Mediterranean Sea and blend the architecture with this distinctive environment.

The exhibition spaces are regulated by the walls which are placed in circular arc, and all the spaces are directed towards the sea.

One would enjoy art works while having beautiful scenery of the sea.


All walls are bound by the large curved wall, and this composition sustains the structure as well as makes clear architectural vision.

Over these walls, there are arc-shaped restaurants where one would have meals while enjoying wonderful views towards the sea day and night.

In front of the glasses of the restaurant, there are small ponds on every roof.

Water of these ponds extends towards the sea, and one would feel like floating in the sea.


Parks outside the museum is designed in the same concept of the building.One would enjoy watching works, taking lunch in the park and the floating restaurant, and running in the waterfront plaza while letting go of their minds in this beautiful site.

The distinctive form would be a new landmark in  Mediterranean Sea.

Cross Wavering Walls Nature Water Sea


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