Water Squares

This library attached to a university is designed in a site with lots of nature.

Spaces of study one would encounter several books and invoke communications between the students are planned.


The wall of exposed concrete inserts the square volume surrounded by square pond. In the route to the entrance hall goes along the wall, one would feel relieved and get ready to study.

The wall of exposed concrete cut up the volume and brings about light that express transitional beauty.


In the first floor, there are spaces of uniform grids of woods and reading circle would be held around the voids.

In the second floor, one would walk around freely in the open spaces with no columns.

The court with a large tree serves as an oasis for students

Spaces with the light and nature would stimulate and give warmth to the activities of students.

Water Squares Grids Columns Beams


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    Nagano, Japan

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