Floating Canal

With more and more abnormal weathers are happening around the world, special considerations towards the relationship between architectures and nature are demanded. To lessen environmental loading as much as possible and to create a new type of sustainability, what shall we do as architects?

To create residential and commercial building with nature in Bangkok, the main concept is “Urban Village”.  “Urban Village” is an architectural environment which serves nature itself and provides wonderful environment with air,wind, and rain like parks.

Inspired by abundant nature and water in Bangkok, all the roofs of the building are connected with each other, and trees and rivers are placed above it.

A terraced volume is designed in order to create stretched parks and rivers over the building. Four court-like parks are created by this design. Three of them are pushed upwards to provide large spaces for commercial areas which results in light courts with abundant light and less shadows.

The rivers over the roofs link with each other in each level. Artificial waterfalls invoke the city life around the site, it would bring about new nature.

People living there enjoy “Floating Canal” and  people who visits there enjoy the forest in the central city.

This building provides a new type of symbiosis between architectures and nature as well as creates a brand new public spaces in the city.


Floating Canal Void


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    Residential, Commercial, Park

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    Bangkok, Thailand

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