Forests in Tokyo Bay-Wavering Grids

This urban design is to create residential buildings, shops, and parks in Tokyo Bay.

There are many rivers in Tokyo, and spaces near them are attractive and have big potentials. Especially, Tokyo Bay is the water space which links to the sea and is different from the one to rivers, YDS think that wonderful spaces would be realized.

Creating middle-rise and high-density residential buildings as well as shops and parks is the key to making the urban spaces of Tokyo more bountiful. It is like a small city within a existing city.

Most of the public spaces of residential buildings are only for residents or marginal spaces of the city. This plan is to create housing units, shops, and parks by placing several residential buildings.The image is that residential buildings are floating in an open city.

The intention is to create spaces of housing units that are typical to Tokyo Bay where public and private spaces mingle each other and symbiosis with nature an environment is accomplished.

Wavering Grids Void Columns Beams Light


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    Building, Shops, Parks

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