Urban Carpets

The concept is that this architecture would encourage activities of people in the streets by unique technologies and adds new distinctive which would be attractions for travelers and embraced by the residents there.

The membranes are placed over the grid, and there are OEL display panels between the columns.

Several media will be displayed including shopping news and maps, weather and current news of the UK, EU, and the world, cinemas around the world.

The membranes would rise by the columns when the important information and breaking news are displayed on the panel.


According to the importance of the information, the levels of the rise are decided.

When the white membranes are raised based on the information, the color of it will be changed dramatically.

Due to the contents and the importance of information, news, animations displayed in the panel, the membranes and the grids will behave like living things.


At night the various colors of the membranes will be beautiful scenes would be embraced by the residents of the city.

Soft hollows on the white membranes dyed in several bright colors, the form changes now and then that express transitional beauty.

This is an attempt that architectures and devices inserted into the given context would incur vigorous activities between people and architectures as well as people and the city with the aid of the cutting-edge technologies.

Urban Carpets Membrane


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    Urban device

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