Water Walls

The main concept of the design is to create inspiring spaces by making the best use of the bountiful nature and respecting the historical value the hall.

The aim is to take in the nature such as light, wind, rain, trees, and flowers, conversations between old and new, and symbiosis with the history and the environment. 

While respecting old styles and old materials, the design is to add new spaces with modern materials to inspire old spaces.


By imposing walls of exposed concrete, one would feel wildlife nature more vividly.

In the round space by the concrete walls, there is new entrance hall to the museum as well as the public square for visitors. 

To make the reincarnated museum stands out more clearly, the museum is surrounded by a squared pond, for waters in the pond add tranquil atmosphere in the park.

new architecture with old buildings would create new environment  by adding new gallery of glasses above the pond over the walls.

Water Walls Box Void


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