Urban Wall

What is an international center or a library in a city?

Driven by the vision that it should be an urban vessel which arouse vibrant dialog among people, the design process started.

Located in a busy part of Rotterdam, a building that should functions as urban agora where people gather and enjoy talking irrespective of their nationality, race, gender and what not.


A large wall of exposed concrete is inserted into the transparent box of glass, providing striking silhouette to the city while structurally strengthening it.

The wall expresses transitional beauty when it is shined by sunlight, reminding the beauty of the nature of the people working busily in urban life.

The basin around the building gives calmness to the city and the people, outside spaces like clouds provide spaces where people would happily spend their time talking, reading, and so on.

Urban Wall


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  • Type:

    International center, Library

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  • Size:

    19,000 sqm

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