Wavering Wall 3

The building provides wonderful spaces for various activities including sightseeing, networking, conference, attracting innovative minds from all over the world. Round volumes offer wonderful views, one would enjoy atmosphere of Dubai in terraces above them.

All the direction of three curved walls are towards MECCA. The building signifies the concept “All things lead to MECCA”.When water falls from the top of the building, it enfolds all the building. Beautiful silhouette produces cold breeze and humidity, providing high energy efficiency with the assistance of great Nature.Curved walls dramatically reflect sunlight, making the building one and only building in the world. Spaces are enfolded by tender crushed light. At night, the walls attractively reflect green light which is the noble color of Islam.

Three curved walls stand for cooperation, since each of them strongly sustains the floating volumes and they are different in their size and shapes. The building in itself is the message of “Global Harmony”, and it would send this message towards the world. 

It provides unprecedented iconic landmarks in the world. This building is most suitable for Dubai, for it is the one of the most attractive and innovative cities. The simple and exciting silhouette would have many important meanings for human.

Wavering Wall Grids Nature


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