Tokyo Forests

This is a master plan of regenerating bay area in Tokyo.

Located in Tsukishima area, this site is surrounded by water and has huge potentials. Unfortunately, buildings in this area are crowded houses with narrow street and several high rise condominiums due to the lack of through master planning.

Situated next to the Ginza and Tsukiji area which are well known and of very high value, it would stimulate and invigorate city life in Ginza by urban design with philosophy. Moreover, the symbiosis and conversations between new and old by maintaining the downtown area of small crowded houses is another intention. By not demolishing existing buildings and letting them exist together with new buildings, the history would go on towards the future.

Creating “Corridors of Forests ” with 30m wide of nature and rivers of 5m wide, this long park would bring about light and wind to the area as well as to Ginza area. Three “Corridors of Forests” would be built one by one and step by step, this striking line of nature would be embraced by people there and attract many people providing oasis for city life. Connected to the sea, rivers in ‘Corridors of Forests ’ would  be an unprecedented scenery in the city.

This band of nature would highly contribute to the greening of Tokyo and would help for reducing temperature in summer by providing humidity and wind. In the new blocks around ‘Corridors of Forests’, residential and commercial buildings with 8 floors would be newly built with the same height.

The project would contribute to disaster prevention by wide streets and providing water, create a new type of urban life with nature, regenerate Tokyo with nature, and build up new value for Ginza and Tsukishima area. 





そこで、30m幅のCorridors of Forests及び5m幅の運河をつくり、この長い公園のような空間は、月島および銀座の街に光と風をもたらします。3つのCorridors of Forestsは一つずつ段階的につくられ、自然のベルトは人々に大事にされ、都市のオアシスを提供し多くの人々を魅了するでしょう。運河は海とつながり、Corridors of Forestsは全く新しい都市の風景となります。



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