YDS consists of visionaries with their own philosophies.
Driven by vision “Architecture is Science and Art”, YDS aims to realize compatibility of beauty and scientific approach concerning eco system. To question the interrelationship between architecture and nature is to rethink human life within architectures.

Referring to the historic spaces like traditional Japanese promenades(Roji) and western squares, the practice design bountiful and vigorous spaces of agoras and promenades in buildings. Whether it might be houses, residential buildings, commercial buildings, the practice pursues to design spaces where people would meet and enjoy with each other and to create agoras with trees where people feel nature such as light, wind, air and rain.
By realizing architectures one by one, they intend to stimulate cities and invoke communications between architectures and cities.
The team pursue to create dramatic spaces by designing voids. Simple concept of voids and spaces of agoras and promenades with nature would make spaces extremely beautiful and comfortable.
YDS designs with simple geometric forms like circles, squares, and uniform grids. By employing simple geometry as a methodology, order of spaces would come into being.
Based upon five principles below, YDS creates architectures and cities with aims to integrate architectures and the Nature while melting boundaries between them, East and West.

5 Principles of YDS
1. Wavering Nature
2. Organic Voids
3. Urban Square
4. Flowing Promenade
5. Diversifying Symbiosis

Wavering Nature

  • Wavering Nature 1
  • Wavering Nature 2
  • Wavering Nature 3
  • Wavering Nature 4
  • Wavering Nature 5
  • Wavering Nature 6
  • Wavering Nature 7

Organic Voids

  • Organic Voids 1
  • Organic Voids 2
  • Organic Voids 3
  • Organic Voids 4
  • Organic Voids 5
  • Organic Voids 6
  • Organic Voids 7

Urban Square

  • Urban Square 1
  • Urban Square 2
  • Urban Square 3
  • Urban Square 4
  • Urban Square 5
  • Urban Square 6
  • Urban Square 7

Flowing Promenade

  • Flowing Promenades 1
  • Flowing Promenades 2
  • Flowing Promenades 3
  • Flowing Promenades 4
  • Flowing Promenades 5
  • Flowing Promenades 6
  • Flowing Promenades 7

Diversifying Symbiosis

  • Diversifying Symbiosis 1
  • Diversifying Symbiosis 2
  • Diversifying Symbiosis 3
  • Diversifying Symbiosis 4
  • Diversifying Symbiosis 5
  • Diversifying Symbiosis 6
  • Diversifying Symbiosis 7
Forests of Grid

Forests of Grids